Beer review: Braasj Bryggeri Coal Hole Porter (homebrew)

And now for beer number four from Braasj. Coal Hole Porter is a porter loosely based on Nøgne Ø Porter and contains a small amount of smoked malt. The name of the beer comes from one of the favorite pubs of the brewers in Braasj: The Coal Hole in London.

The recipe of the beer can be found over at bryggelogg.

Braasj Bryggeri Coal Hole PorterLooks

Dark brown pour. Once in the glass it looks pitch black and it has a thick beige head.


Good amount of roasted malt in the aroma. I’m reminded of burnt wood and coffee. There are some faint fruity notes as well.


Much like the aroma the flavor has a good amount of roasted malt and coffee. There are also some hints of dark fruit and a small amount of dark bitter chocolate. I find the beer well balanced.

The mouth feel of the beer is a bit thin, and the flavor profile is perhaps a bit too gentle.


The finish is quite long and has some smoked notes up front and some bitterness towards the end.


A refreshing and tasty porter. Because of the lighter mouth feel the beer is easier to drink and does not feel as heavy as many other (smoked) porters. I enjoyed this beer with some chocolate and toffee which worked quite well.

Braasj Bryggeri Coal Hole Porter

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