Haand Craft Beer Festival 2012

HaandBryggeriet logoHaandBryggeriet is hosting a craft beer festival on the first weekend of May 2012 (Friday 4th and Saturday 5th).

The festival is to take place in HaandBryggeriets new premises in Drammen (about 40km southwest of Oslo), and on the guest list there are some pretty existing breweries. The list of breweries as of the date of this post are:

  • Alvinne (Belgium)
  • Magic Rock (Great Britain)
  • De Molen (Holland)
  • Närke (Sweden)
  • Loverbeer (Italy)
  • Rulles (Belgium)
  • Nøgne Ø (Norway)
  • Emelisse (Holland)
  • Kinn (Norway)
  • Nynäshamn (Sweden)
  • Aass (Norway)
  • Haand (Norway)

An incomplete beer list have been published at HaandBryggeriets site, which looks very promising. I’m also a bit excited to see what Närke is bringing. I have had some of their rather famous porters before and would love to have them again!

More information about ordering tickets, transport, how to get to the festival and so forth are available at haandbryggeriet.net, and the beer list will be updated as soon as they have more information to share.

I’ll be at the festival on Saturday (perhaps Friday as well, but not likely), and I hope to see some of you guys there.

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