Beer review: Braasj Bryggeris Belgier (homebrew)

Only two more beers to review from Braasj Bryggeri. The one I’m having today is a Belgian Strong Ale in style that, as far as I know, is based on Westvleteren (a rather famous Trappist brewery). I’m not sure which of the Westvleteren beers it’s based on but looking at the ABV I’m guessing Westvleteren 12.

The recipe is available at

Braasj Bryggeris BelgierLooks

Clear reddish brown color with a dense beige head. The color is stunning!


I’m getting toffee, raisins, ripe pear and some vanilla. There is a faint sour note as well.

I’m not getting much alcohol in the aroma.


Caramel and raisins are the first that comes to mind. There is also toffee and vanilla in the flavor (as in the aroma). There is a small sting from the alcohol in the flavor, as expected. Very complex and balanced flavor profile.

Rich mouth feel with a pleasant carbonation level.


Pretty long finish with some hints of dark fruit and some red grapes. There is also a hint of the alcohol in the finish.


This is by far the best of the beers I have yet to enjoy from Braasj Bryggeri. Lovely mouth feel, complex aroma and flavor, and a lovely finish. An outstanding home brewed beer.

Braasj Bryggeris Belgier

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  1. Yes, it is based on a recipe for Westvleteren 12. Turned out to be a quite good Dark Strong Belgian.

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