Beer review: Braasj Bryggeri Brûlée de Crème (homebrew)

And now for the last beer in the series of home brewed beers from Braasj Bryggeri: Brûlée de Crème, a (Sweet) Imperial Stout. According to bryggelogg the recipe is based on a clone of Southern Tiers Crème Brûlée Stout.

Sweet Stouts (or Milk Stout as they are also called) contains lactose (milk sugar) which makes them sweeter than regular stouts. Lactose is not fermentable by beer yeast, which is why it’s not converted by alcohol, but instead adds sweetness and body to the beer.

Braasj Bryggeri Brûlée de CremeLooks

Very dark brown pour with a light brown head. The head has good retention and leaves some serious lacing on the glass.


Caramel sweetness and some roasted character lurking in the back. I’m getting some vanilla and chocolate in the aroma as well.

There are also some clear hints of alcohol present.


The flavor is much like the aroma. It’s not as sweet as I would have expected. I find the beer quite balanced but perhaps a bit on the gentle side flavor-wise.

I expected a full body because of the generous amount of lactose used, but I found it a bit thin. The carbonation level is OK and fits the beer well.


The finish is quite long and sweet and has hints of chocolate and vanilla.


Yet another solid beer from Braasj Bryggeri. I would have wanted a fuller mouth feel and perhaps a tad bit more carbonation. Otherwise a very enjoyable beer.

Braasj Bryggeri Brûlée de Creme

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