Beer review: Thornbridge Raven

Time for yet another Black IPA review. Perhaps there was something to the phrase from last review after all? The beer I’m reviewing today is brewed by Thornbridge and is called Raven.

Thornbridge Raven Black IPALooks

Very dark brown color with a big lovely beige head. The head laces nicely on the glass.


Very fresh hoppy aroma with some fruity notes.

I’m getting some hints of salty liquorice, pine, orange zest and cold coffee. Very interesting aroma!


The flavor has some intense hoppy notes to it as well as some lovely sweet malty hints. Very well balanced.

I’m getting some soapy notes, pine, grass, pineapple, liquorice, caramel and some roasted notes from the malts used. The flavor profile on this beer is quite complex.

The mouth feel of the beer is very smooth and the carbonation level is medium/low, which fits this beer perfectly!


Bitter and dry finish with mostly hops coming through.


Even if Raven has the same style as Sundland Kreosot from HaandBryggeriet, it’s a very different beer. While Sundland Kreosot is a much more heavy beer, Raven is really refreshing and very easy to drink. I have a few more bottles of this beer which I’ll save for some hot summer days. Score: 4.8/5.

This beer is available at Systembolaget in Sweden.

Thornbridge Raven Black IPA

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  2. Alan says:

    Kipling and Halcyon (both IPAs) both by Thornbridge are worth trying if you can get them.

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