Beer review: BrewDog / Lost Abbey Lost Dog

Today I’m reviewing yet another barrel aged beer. This time it’s a collaboration between the lovely Scottish BrewDog and the incredible Lost Abbey brewery from San Marcos, California. Two of my favourite breweries, brewing an Imperial Porter aged in Rum barrels … I can’t wait!

BrewDog/Lost Abbey Lost DogLooks

Dark caramel brown color with an off-white fizzy head. The head has low retention and leaves no lacing on the glass.


Strong hints of oak and rum in the aroma. I’m also getting raisins, chocolate, liquorice and some alcohol. Very intense aroma!

This beer has an ABV of 11.5% so I was expecting some alcohol in the aroma.


The flavor has even more hints of rum. As in the aroma I’m getting notes of oak and raisins. There is a tiny nutty hint present as well. The flavor is well balanced and very complex. The hints of the barrel aging is stronger in this beer than many other barrel aged beers I have had. It’s a good thing I like the taste of rum!

The mouth feel is oily, almost sticky, and the carbonation level is low but sharp. The alcohol is well hidden.


The finish is very intense and lasts for quite a while. Up front it’s very boozy, but after a while I’m getting vanilla, wood, chocolate and raisins. Very exciting!


Yet another barrel aged beer I really enjoyed! I’m going high on this one as well: 4.8/5. I’m excited to see what a couple of years of cellaring will do to this beer!

This beer is available at Systembolaget as long as the stock lasts.

BrewDog/Lost Abbey Lost Dog

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  1. Great review. I have a bottle in my cellar and am really looking forward to try it!

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