Beer review: La Trappe Oak Aged Quadrupel (Batch #7)

So, I seem to be on a never-ending streak of barrel aged beer reviews. Today I am reviewing an oak aged La Trappe Quadrupel (batch #7), brewed by the Dutch Trappist brewery De Koningshoeven.

This particular batch was blended back in June 2011 and has matured in old whisky barrels. The barrels come from distilleries such as Bowmore, Tamdhu and Laphroaig, which happen to produce incredibly tasty whiskies.

La Trappe Oak Aged Quadrupel (Batch #7)Looks

Slightly hazy reddish brown color with off-white fizzy head. The head leaves some lacing on the glass.


Sweet malty aroma with some hints of peated whisky. I’m also getting some hints of dark fruits and alcohol.


The flavor is much like the aroma. Lovely malty sweetness with a big hint from the barrel aging. There are some pretty clear whisky notes present. I’m also getting some typical dark fruity flavors along with some small yeasty hints.

The beer is quite complex and very well balanced. I have had my share of Quadrupels but none that has been aged in whisky barrels, which in this case have added a depth to the beer which is really interesting. The beer gives me a warm feeling, which is most likely caused by the high ABV of 10%.

The beer has a smooth and sticky mouth feel and a sharp carbonation which helps lift the flavors.


Up front there is quite a lot of booze which quickly disappears in favor of peated whisky flavors. There are also some sweet flavors present.


One of the more intense beers I have had in a long time. The flavors from the barrel aging is very “in-your-face” but that doesn’t ruin this beer at all. Score: 4.6/5.

I picked up this bottle at City Beer Store in San Francisco back in September 2011. I would love to try some of the other batches of this beer as well.

La Trappe Oak Aged Quadrupel (Batch #7)

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