Beer review: Nynäshamns Dragets Kanal Dubbel IPA

I just broke the streak of barrel aged beer reviews. Today I’m trying out an American influenced Double IPA from Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri in Sweden. After reading the label of the beer I’m expecting a really powerful and full bodied DIPA. Let’s pop it open and see what we get!

Nynäshamns Dragets Kanal Dubbel IPALooks

Lovely vibrating clear dark orange color with an off-white head. The head has medium retention and leaves no laces.


Grassy hoppy aroma. The label of the beer says this beer has American influences and that is has a strong hoppy aroma. I can’t say I think that description is very accurate. There is a hoppy aroma, don’t get me wrong, but it’s no where close to strong.

Aside from the hops I’m getting a caramel sweetness and some bread-like notes.


The flavor is pretty much what I was expecting. Grassy hoppy flavor with some hints of pine. The hoppy bitterness is well balanced with some caramel sweetness from the malts used. There are also some citrus notes present.

The mouth feel is a tad bit thin and the carbonation is soft and gentle.

As with the aroma the flavor of the beer is very weak.


Fruity finish up front with some bitterness coming in after some seconds. The finish is over in about 15 seconds.


I was looking forward to trying out this beer but I’m a bit disappointed. I feel that both the aroma and the flavor of the beer is weak. There is nothing there! A thin mouthfeel made is even less enjoyable. The beer has a good taste to it, but I was expecting much more! Score: 2.9/5.

This beer is available at Systembolaget in Sweden.

Nynäshamns Dragets Kanal Dubbel IPA

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