Beer review: Southern Tier Mokah

Time to review a beer that I have been trying to drink for a couple of days: Southern Tier Mokah from Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York!

On Thursday I fetched it from the cellar a bit too late. I didn’t really want to open a beer in a .65 bottle with an ABV of 11% at 10pm. Yesterday I ate too much for dinner (home made burgers), so there was no room for it. Today I planned better and opened the beer before dinner! I’ll find out in a while if that was smart, considering the pretty high ABV.

Southern Tier MokahLooks

Very dark brown clear pour with a light brown/beige head. The head has medium retention and leaves nice laces on the glass.


Strong hint of coffee and caramel up front. I’m also getting a big hit of dark chocolate.

There is also a hint of roasted malt present. After a while I’m getting something that reminds me of hops between all the coffee, the chocolate and the roastiness.


The flavor is pretty much as expected. Coffee, caramel and dark bitter chocolate dominate the flavor. The beer is pretty sweet and slightly bitter. The flavor is well balanced and very powerful.

The mouth feel is full with a low level of carbonation.


The finish has chocolate and cold coffee. It’s also pretty sweet and slightly bitter. All the way towards the end I get a hint of the high ABV (11%) of this beer for a very short while.


A really enjoyable and powerful beer. Lovely! Score: 4.6/5.

I picked up this bottle at Vinmonopolet Vika some months back.

Southern Tier Mokah

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