Beer review: Monks Café Russian Imperial Porter

Time for another brew from Monks Café. This time it’s another version of the Russian Imperial Porter. I reviewed the previous edition of this brew back in January.

Monks Café Russian Imperial PorterLooks

Lovely black pour which builds up a milk chocolate colored head. The head has low retention and leaves no lacing.


I’m getting coffee, caramel and some notes of alcohol. The beer has an ABV of 11.2% so I was expecting at least some alcohol in the aroma.

There are also hints of vanilla and bread.


The flavor has hints of prunes, dark chocolate, vanilla and is a tad bit vinous.

The mouth feel is silky smooth and the beer has a low carbonation level.


The finish is very long with loads of roasted malts and chocolate. Lovely!


This beer is much like the one I reviewed back in January, but it does not have as much liquorice to it as the last edition. It’s also slightly more vinous.

I enjoyed this one slightly more than the last one. Score: 4.2/5.

As usual I bought more than one bottle of this beer so I’ll do another review of it some time in the future.

This beer is available at Systembolaget in Sweden.

Monks Café Russian Imperial Porter

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