Beer review: Emelisse Black IPA

A while back I picked up some beers from Emelisse at Vika vinmonopol in Oslo: Black IPA, Double IPA, Triple IPA and White Label Barley Wine 2011. First up is the Black IPA!

Emelisse Black IPALooks

Dark brown oily pour with some off-wite head. The head has medium retention and leaves very little lacing.


Roasted malts, hops, cocoa, caramel and cold coffee.


The flavor is spot on with regards to the aroma. I’m also getting some citrus notes from the hops.

The carbonation level is low and the beer feels smooth as silk.


Pretty long and dry bitter finish with some hints of pine up front with a roasted character quickly following.


A well balanced and enjoyable Black IPA. I would love for this beer to have a slightly more punch from the hops, otherwise a very good beer. Score: 3.8/5.

Emelisse Black IPA

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