Beer review: Emelisse Double IPA (7.9%)

Next up in the series of Emelisse reviews is the Double IPA.

Emelisse Double IPALooks

Hazy brown color with a reddish hue with a beige head. The head has medium retention and leaves some lacing.


Pine and grass up front. There is a small hint of alcohol as well. Also some caramel sweetness and some bread-like notes. I’m also getting some aromas reminding me of topical fruits.


The flavor also has hints of tropical fruits. I’m getting quite a lot of pineapple up front. The sweetness from the malt is also present.

As with the Black IPA the beer feels quite smooth with a soft carbonation level.


Medium slightly bitter finish with grass and pineapple. Also some malty sweetness.


To me this beer was a bit boring. Most of the flavors are quite bland and I’m not left with much appreciation when the glass is empty. Score: 2.9/5.

Emelisse Double IPA

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