Beer review: Emelisse White Label Barley Wine 2011

And here we are with the last of the four Emelisse beers, the White Label Barley Wine 2011.

Emelisse White Label Barley Wine 2011Looks

Slightly hazy brown/red color with a thick off-white/beige head. The head has good retention but leaves no lacing.


Malty sweetness and some green grass up front. Some alcohol is present as well. There are also some spicy hints from the yeast and some woody aromas. The aromas blend nicely into each other.


Some hoppy bitterness, grass, alcohol, slightly acidic and with some fruity notes. Pretty complex and balanced flavor, but slightly “mild”. I’m struggling to pick up the different flavors.

The mouth feel of the beer is smooth and the carbonation level is low and comfortable.


Sweet up front with some slight bitterness after some seconds.


A bit weak in both aroma and flavor. An average barley wine. Score: 3.2/5.

Emelisse White Label Barley Wine 2011

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