Beer review: Thornbridge Bracia

And here is yet another beer from Thornbridge. This time I’m reviewing a “Rich Dark Ale” (RateBeer classifies this beer as a Traditional Ale). Here is what the brewery has to say about it:

From the Hall range, this beer will be brewed only four times a year in limited quantities. Bracia has been inspired by Chestnut honey as an ideal ingredient for a rich, dark beer where its complex flavours would subtly blend with the roasted and toasted notes of speciality malts.

Thornbridge BraciaLooks

Very dark pour on this beer. Once in the glass it’s almost black. The head is light brown in color and disappears quickly and leaves very little laces on the glass.


I’m getting roasted malts, coffee, some peat and a small hint of booze.

As the beer warms up I’m getting notes of liquorice and more booze.


Just like in the aroma there is quite a lot going on the flavor profile. Powerful malty flavors dominate the body of the beer.

I’m getting roasted malts and peat, dark fruits, molasses, sweet liquorice and some booze. The beer has an ABV of 10% so some hints of alcohol is to be expected.


The finish lasts for a while and has hints of roasted malts and peat, and is otherwise quite sweet. As the beer warms up the finish gets more and more bitter.


Not really one of my favorite styles of beer, but a very good beer nonetheless, complex, balanced and powerful. Score: 3.9/5.

I picked up this beer at Vinmonopolet Vika, together with the Jaipur.

Thornbridge Bracia

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