Beer review: Ørbæk IPA

And now for a certified organic IPA from Denmark. I have yet to have an organic beer that I have really enjoyed, so lets hops this will be a first!

Ørbæk IPALooks

Hazy dark orange color with a big head. The head has good retention and leaves nice lacing on the glass.


Faint hoppy aroma with some malty sweetness. I’m getting some citrus notes as well as a small hint of peach.


The beer has a flowery hoppy aroma with a malty backbone. I’m getting mostly oranges and tropical fruits.

The body is surprisingly thin.


Short and gentle finish which is slightly bitter up front. I’m also getting some earthy hints.


A very light and crisp beer. I have had a lot of English IPA’s with a stronger aroma and flavor profile than this, and the thin body made it less enjoyable. Score: 2.4/5.

Disclaimer: I received this bottle from Interbev, the Norwegian importer of Ørbæk.

Ørbæk IPA

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  1. Per Ivar says:

    I tried this one this weekend. I agree in much of the review, but I could not feel any citrus, neither orange or other fruits. It was pretty flat to me. Maybe it was too cold? Belive it was 5-6 C. It ought to be at least 8-10 C in temperature to catch the flavors.

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