Beer review: Ægir Lindisfarne Scotch Ale

Time for a Norwegian beer. Well, the style is Scotch Ale, but it’s from a Norwegian brewery, namely Ægir.

Lindisfarne Scotch Ale is named after an island, which the Vikings overtook back in the year 793, which is, by many, taken as the start of the Viking age. Seems like a fitting name for a Norwegian beer!

Lindisfarne is brewed with peated malt, so I’m expecting quite a bit of smoky character from the aroma and the flavor. Let’s see what it’s like!

Ægir Lindisfarne Scotch AleLooks

Dark muddy brown color with a big frothy off-white head.


I’m getting smoke, dark fruits and wood in the aroma. I’m also reminded of biscuits.


I was expecting more smoke in the flavor after smelling the beer. The flavor is sweet, with hints of leather, wet wood and some hoppy hints.

The beer is well balanced and is not as extreme as I would have expected it to be.


The finish lasts for quite a while and I’m mostly getting sweet malty hints and some smoke.


Not your typical Scotch Ale, but still a very enjoyable beer. If you’re not into smoky aromas/flavors, this beer might not be the best choice. Score: 4/5.

There are still some bottles left at Vinmonopolet, but you have to be quick!

Ægir Lindisfarne Scotch Ale

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