Beer review: HaandBryggeriet Dobbel Dose

After a small vacation it’s time for another review! I still have some beers from HaandBryggeriet in Drammen, Norway lined up, and the one I’m reviewing today is Dobbel Dose, a double IPA weighing in at 9% ABV.

HaandBryggeriet Dobbel DoseLooks

Hazy orange/brown in color with a dense head with a very good retention.


Intense aroma with hints of grapefruit, pineapple, orange and a tiny amount of alcohol.


As in the aroma I’m getting a big hint of grapefruit and pineapple. This beer has a really juicy feel to it!

The mouth feel is smooth and the carbonation level is soft and comfortable.


Pretty long and citrusy finish. Up front there is a hint of alcohol that is quickly replaced by grapefruit and lemon.


This is a really lovely double IPA. It’s not as malt-heavy as many other double IPA’s I have had, but it’s still well balanced. Score: 4.1/5.

HaandBryggeriet Dobbel Dose

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