Beer review: BrewDog Dog A

Time for a beer that I have really been looking forward to trying, namely the Dog A by BrewDog, which was a beer brewed to commemorate their 5th anniversary back in April this year. This beer is based on the very good Abstrakt AB:04, and was brewed with cocoa, coffee and naga cillies. Like AB:04 it sports a high ABV, 15.1%.

BrewDog Dog ALooks

Very dark brown pour, almost black. The head has a lovely light brown color.


Really intense aroma on this one! I’m getting chili, coffee, chocolate and some vanilla.

I was not expecting to actually smell the chili, so I’m looking forward to see what it does to the finish, when the chili usually kicks in in chili infused beers.


I’m picking up coffee, chocolate, sweet liquorice and some hint of alcohol. The beer feels quite spicy on the tongue actually.

This beer is quite complex and very well balanced. It’s also quite sweet, but there is enough going on to back it up.

The mouth feel is pretty smooth and the carbonation level low but quite sharp.


The finish of this beer has a nice gentle spiciness to it. I have had quite a few other chili infused beers, but I have not felt the spices like this before, with the exception of a freeze distilled beer with a Naga Jolokia added for good measure.

I’m also getting some hints of coffee, vanilla and some alcohol.


One of the better beers I have had from BrewDog in a good while. Score: 4.5/5.

BrewDog Dog A

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