Beer review: Ægir Skumring Dubbel

Time for a Norwegian beer again! This time I’m about to review Skumring from Ægir, which is an Abbey Dubbel in style. As far as I know the recipe is inspired by Ægir Julebrygg (the green label one with 7% ABV (which Skumring shares)).

Ægir Skumring DubbelLooks

Dark brown/ruby color with a crazy head! I poured this beer 10 minutes ago, and the head hasn’t sunk at all. It stands firm and almost looks like beige whipped cream.

I have had this beer a couple of times before and it was very lively, so I poured gently.


The aroma has malts and some yeasty hints. I’m also getting some subtle hints of hops and dark fruits. The aroma on this beer is very gentle.

As the beer gets warmer some nice spicy hints appear, and the fruity hints intensify.


Like the aroma the flavor profile is not “in your face”, but has a nice sweet malty backbone that goes well with the fruity hints from the yeast. Well balanced and complex.

The carbonation level is quite high, a bit too high in my opinion.

After the beer has been sitting here for a while the carbonation is a bit softer and some smoky hints appear in the flavor. The alcohol is also more prominent.


Medium long finish with some roasted, almost smoky, hints up front together with some dark fruits and a tiny hint of alcohol.


This is a very nice rendition of an Abbey Dubbel. Nicely balanced and complex. If it hadn’t been for the carbonation I would really enjoy it. Score: 3.9/5.

I can highly recommend letting this beer sit for a while before you start sipping it. Let it get up to around 12-14°C and let some of the carbonation escape.

This beer is currently available at Vinmonopolet.

Ægir Skumring Dubbel

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