Beer review: Nils Hansen India Brown Ale (homebrew)

Some days back I met up with Tommy to exchange some beers, and he had some home brewed beers for me to taste as well. Today I felt like something hoppy, so I thought I might as well try their India Brown Ale which weighs in at 8% ABV.

Nils Hansen India Brown AleLooks

Clear dark brown pour with a big beautiful beige head. The head has good retention and leaves some really sticky lacing on the glass.


I’m getting some lovely fruity hoppy aromas with some roasted malts lurking in the back.

As the beer gets warmer I’m picking up some hints of milk chocolate and a slight hint of alcohol.


As in the aroma there are some fruity flavors with some roasted malts. I’m getting coffee, chocolate and some floral notes.

Lovely creamy mouth feel with slightly sharp carbonation.


Long finish which has hints of chocolate and coffee up front, and finishes quite bitter.


This is a really solid home brew. Well balanced and a nice and smooth mouth feel.

Perhaps the brewers can shed some light on what kind of hops where used? Could it be Cascade or Centennial perhaps?

Nils Hansen India Brown Ale

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