Beer review: Nils Hansen Humlevin (homebrew)

And now for another (home) brew from Nils Hansen. This time it’s a clone of Nøgne Ø #100 called Humlevin (hop wine), which weighs in at 10% ABV. The label has a funny text on it that the first bottle I reviewed didn’t have, and here it is, translated to English:

Nils Hansen is a man of the forest. He has a beard, and so can you if you drink his beer. Some of Nils Hansens beard might be at the bottom of this bottle so let it stand upright, and pour gently.

Let’s get to it!

Nils Hansen HumlevinLooks

Clear dark brown pour with a big off-white head. The head has quite good retention and leaves some lovely lacing on the glass.


Very intense hoppy aroma with hints of orange zest and pine. There is also a powerful malty backbone which blends nicely with the zesty hoppy aromas.

This almost smells like an American Imperial India Pale Ale, like for instance Southern Tier Un*Earthly.


Just like in the aroma I’m getting a really good balance between the hops and the malt. I’m getting some nice hints of orange peel, pine, a slight hint of alcohol and some nice sweet malty flavors. Very zesty! As the beer warms up a bit I’m getting some mango as well. Lovely!

The mouth feel is very smooth and the carbonation is also nice and soft.


Long finish with some sting from the alcohol up front. I’m getting some hoppy flavors after some seconds, joined by some sweet malty notes after a short while. Lovely!


Yet another really good homebrew from Nils Hansen. Apparently this is a clone of Nøgne Ø’s #100, and it reminded me a lot of it (at least compared to a fresh #100). It would be really interesting to see how Humlevin ages! Hopefully the brewers will stow some away in their cellars, if not, send another bottle or two my way and I’ll let them sit in my cellar for a while. They will be in good company, don’t worry!

This bottle was batch #15.

Nils Hansen Humlevin

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