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This Beer Blog logoThere is a huge amount of excitement in BeerNorway HQ today. A short while back This Beer Blog and myself decided to trade some “local” craft beers. I sent him some Norwegian beers, and he sent me some Scottish ones in return. The customs in Norway took a while longer than expected, but today I could finally pick up the package at the local post office.

Unboxing #1

I was slightly nervous about breakage, but everything seemed intact. After some careful cutting 5 nicely wrapped bottles appeared:

Unboxing #1

After some more hard work with the knife I got to say hello to these beauties:

Unboxing #1

I haven’t had any of these beers before, so I’m really excited to start the reviews! The five beers in the photo above are, from left to right:

  • Highland Orkney Porter
  • Cairngorm Trade Winds
  • Cromarty Red Rocker
  • Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack
  • Tryst Carronade Pale Ale (Sorry about the bottle facing the wrong direction)

I will review all these beers in the days to come!

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