Beer review: Nils Hansen Dobbel Rugporter (homebrew)

Time for another home brewed beer from the talented Nils Hansen guys. This time I’m trying an Imperial Rye Porter with a whopping 11% ABV.

Nils Hansen Dobbel RugporterLooks

Dark brown pour which generates a lovely fluffy mocha colored head, which seems to last forever.


Up front I’m getting a tiny hint of roasted malts, some cold coffee, green apples and some alcohol.

The aroma is quite intense, and is overall quite fruity. It somehow reminds me of some high ABV barley wines I have had.


The flavor is much of the same. It has mostly hints of coffee and sweet malts, and is overall quite fruity and surprisingly fresh.

There is also a good amount of alcohol present in the flavor as well, perhaps a bit too much for my liking.


The finish is quite long and has coffee and some acidic hints.


I had really high expectations of this beer, and was slightly let down. It’s a really good Imperial Porter, but the other beers I have had from Nils Hansen has had an overall better quality. This is an “extreme” beer as well, and not an easy one to pull off, so I gotta give it to them, they made a pretty damned tasty high ABV Imperial Porter. It would be interesting to see if the hints of alcohol levels out after some cellaring.

PS! Sorry about not using the correct label in the pictures. I forgot all about it when taking them. :/

Nils Hansen Dobbel Rugporter

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