Beer review: Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack

Time for another Scottish beer that was included in the case from This Beer Blog. This time I’m trying out a Hurricane Jack from Fyne Ales. Hurricane Jack is a Golden/Blonde Ale with an ABV of 4.4%.

Fyne Ales Hurricane JackLooks

Slightly hazy yellow/light orange color with a white head.


Up front I’m getting some yeasty hints along with some grassy and floral notes. I’m also getting pine and some tropical fruity hints.

The aroma is overall very fruity.


Tropical fruits with a nice sweet malty backbone. There is also a good amount of citrus present in the flavor.

The beer is surprisingly full bodied and smooth considering the low ABV. The carbonation is also quite enjoyable, not too sharp.


The finish has some floral hints, and a lovely balanced bitter and sweet flavor. The finish does not last too long, and when it’s gone it’s time for another sip.


I was really surprised by this beer. Extremely refreshing with its tropical fruits and subtle sweet malts, packed full of aroma and flavor, and a real thirst quencher. Quite a dangerous combination! Score: 4.5/5.

Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack

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  1. stig says:

    Til orientering får du kjøpt de fleste fyne ales på bestillingsutvalget til systembolaget. Kollikrav er 12 flasker. Kjøpt de fleste og alle holder høy kvalitet

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