Beer review: Tryst Carronade IPA

A couple of weeks back I received a case of beers from Magnus over at This Beer Blog, and today I’m trying the first of the lot, the Carronade (India) Pale Ale from Tryst Brewery. Although the bottle I’m reviewing does not have the word “India” on the label, it seems to be the same beer.

The beer has an ABV of 4.2%, so I’m expecting a light, refreshing and sessionable ale. Let’s get started!

Tryst Carronade Pale AleLooks

Vibrant orange color with a fluffy white head.


Intense citrus and pine aromas, with some sweet malts in the back to balance it out.


The flavor is a lot less intense, but contains much of the same as I got in the aroma. Lemon, subtle sweet malts and some tropical fruits.

The carbonation is quite sharp, and the mouth feel is medium.


Long and bitter finish which has some pine and other fruity notes.


This was a really refreshing and tasty ale. The carbonation was perhaps a tad bit too sharp, but an otherwise good beer. Score: 3.6/5.

Tryst Carronade Pale Ale

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