Beer review: Cairngorm Trade Winds

Time to continue with the reviews of the beers in my first trade.

This time I’m trying a Golden/Blonde Ale brewed with wheat, Perle hops and elderflower by Cairngorm Brewery with a ABV of 4.3%.

Cairngorm Trade WindsLooks

Clear golden color with a big white head.


I’m getting some hints of wheat and some floral notes. I recently reviewed a beer also brewed with elderberries, which had a more dominant floral aroma.


There are hints of citrus and some sweet malts in the back. The carbonation is quite sharp and the mouth feel is a bit thin.

As the beer warms up a bit I’m getting some more floral hints.


The finish is quite short, and contains some floral and citrus hints.


A very light and refreshing beer. I would probably enjoy this a lot more in the summer time. It would no doubt be a better alternative than all the mass produced low ABV beers available in the regular grocery stores here in Norway. Score: 3.4/5.

Cairngorm Trade Winds

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