Beer review: Highland Orkney Porter

Time for the last beer from my first beer trade with This Beer Blog. The beer in question is an imperial/strong porter (9% ABV) from The Highland Brewing Company. Let’s get started!

Highland Orkney PorterLooks

Dark brown pour with not much head.


I’m getting some booze up front, quickly followed by some roasted malts, dark fruits and some cocoa.

Quite an aggressive aroma for a porter, but considering the high ABV I was expecting a bit extra.


The flavor is pretty sweet, with hints of toffee, cocoa and prunes. The alcohol is not as present in the flavor as it is in the aroma. As the beer gets a bit warmer a tartness appears, which works quite well with the rest of the flavors.

The mouth feel is medium and the carbonation level is smooth.


Quite short finish with hints of roasted malts and dark fruits, as well as a small sting from the booze.


Quite an enjoyable porter. Not as heavy as you would expect from the ABV, but well balanced and smooth. Not very typical for the style I might add. Score: 4/5.

Highland Orkney Porter

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