Beer review: Monadic Ale Pacific, Pacific Jul and Katajanjoulu (home brews)

Today I’m trying out some home brewed beers by Jon Packer that I got around Christmas.


The first beer I’m trying is called Pacific and is a Pale Ale in style.

Monadic Ale Pacific (home brewed)Looks

Straw like color with a small white head. The head disappears quickly and leaves little lacing.


Intense hoppy aroma. I’m getting grapefruit, pine, lemon zest, pineapple and some malty notes. An overall very (tropical) fruity aroma.


The flavor is pretty much like the aroma. The hoppy flavors dominate, and the mouth feel is a tad bit thin. The carbonation is soft and pleasant.


Pretty long finish which mostly contains hints of all the hops used in this beer.


A really refreshing and tasty beer. I would have loved a bit more sweetness from the malts to balance out the bitterness. Other than that a really tasty beer. Well brewed!

Monadic Ale Pacific (home brewed)

Pacific Jul

Next up is a spiced Christmas IPA called Pacific Jul. Perhaps a version of Pacific with some added spices?

Monadic Ale Pacific Jul (home brewed)Looks

Dark brown/reddish color with a nice beige head. The head has good retention and leaves some nice lacing on the glass.


I’m getting mostly hops (pine and grapefruit) and some caramel-like notes. Not getting that much of the Christmas spices.


The Christmas spices is much more prominent in the flavor. The hops are somewhat subdued by some roasted malts and ginger. I’m also getting hints of lemon.

There is also a slight soapy touch to the flavor.

Perhaps the brewer could share some information about the ingredients used?


Pretty long finish which has some grassy bitter notes towards the end.


An interesting IPA. I would have loved to try this with some classic Norwegian Christmas food. The beer has a powerful flavor that I think will fit perfect with for instance Pinnekjøtt. Another well brewed beer!

Monadic Ale Pacific Jul (home brewed)


Last up is a spiced Sahti Porter with the lovely name of Katajanjoulu, which is Finnish and has something to do with Christmas. Not entirely sure what “Katajan” means though.

Monadic Ale Katajanjoulu (home brewed)Looks

Dark brown pour with a dense light brown head.


Very Christmas-like aroma. I’m getting hints of clove, juniper and ginger. Liquid Christmas cake! I’m also getting some roasted malts behind all the spices.


The spices are even more dominant in the flavor. I’m getting mostly clove and some citrus flavors. There is also a nice sweetness from the malts present. Even though the spices are taking a huge chuck of the flavor profile it still feels balanced.

The mouth feel is smooth and the carbonation level is medium, which fits perfect.


Pretty long finish with mostly spices lingering all the way to the end.


A spicy a enjoyable “porter”. Not that the style matters too much when the beer has such an amount of spices. I really enjoyed it, but one glass is enough!

Monadic Ale Katajanjoulu (home brewed)

A big thanks goes out to Jon for sending me these lovely beers!

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