Beer review: BrewDog 5 A.M. Saint, Punk IPA and Hardcore IPA (batch 000)

Time to review some classic beers from BrewDog, brewed at their new brewery. These three beers are supposedly the first three beers brewed there, so they might not the same as they used to be. Of these beers I have only reviewed Punk IPA and Hardcore IPA before, so I don’t have any notes to compare the 5 A.M. Saint with. The notes from this review are from when I first tried these beers some months back, when the beers were still quite fresh.

Enough talk, let’s start!

BrewDog 5 A.M. Saint

First up is BrewDog 5 A.M. Saint, an Amber Ale with an ABV of 5%.

BrewDog 5 A.M. SaintLooks

Slightly hazy with an amber color and a beige head. The glass is covered in lacing as the beer disappears.


The aroma is somewhat sweet and has hints of citrus fruits and has some pretty hoppy notes. I’m also reminded of honey.


The flavor is pretty spot in. There is a good amount of sweet malts, and a hoppy punch. I’m getting grass, pine, grapefruit and some malty sweetness.

The body is a bit on the light side, and the carbonation is sharp.


Long dry and bitter finish. I’m getting some citrus pine.


IMO this beer needs either less hops or more malts. It’s an OK beer which is really refreshing though, but a bit unbalanced. Score: 3.5/5.

BrewDog 5 A.M. Saint

Punk IPA

Next up is the classic Punk IPA, BrewDog’s flagship beer, an IPA with an ABV of 5.6%.

BrewDog Punk IPALooks

Pale hazy yellow with little head. As with 5 A.M. Saint the head leaves a lot of lacing on the glass. I can’t remember having a Punk IPA this light in color.


Very bitter and pungent aroma. I’m reminded of orange marmalade. This is quite different from what I remember Punk IPA to be like, which usually has a lovely hoppy and fruity aroma!


The flavor is also pretty bitter, and does not feel balanced at all. The bitterness is not backed up by anything, so the flavor is pretty one dimensional and boring. I’m getting hints of pine and caramel.

Not at all how I like my Punk IPA!


Pretty long finish with hints of oranges up front and some malty hints towards the end.


I was really disappointed by this beer. I usually love Punk IPA, and I really hope it will get better than this. Score: 2.9/5.

BrewDog Punk IPA

Hardcore IPA

Last up is one of my favorite BrewDog beers, the Hardcore IPA. This is a Double IPA with an ABV of 9.2%.

BrewDog Hardcore IPALooks

Lovely dark amber color with some haze. The head is beige and disappears quickly. As with the other beers in this review the head leaves a lot of lacing on the glass.


Malty aroma with some hints of hops (yes, only some hints of hops, and not the usual hop bomb aroma). I’m getting caramel, pine and tropical fruits.


As with the aroma I’m picking up tropical fruits, pine and some malty sweetness. The bitterness is very subdued.


Long and slightly bitter finish with hints of pine and grass.


Hardcore IPA is one of my favorite double IPA’s, but this bottle was nowhere close to how it usually is. A huge letdown, and I really hope they will improve this beer in batches to come. Score: 3.2/5.

BrewDog Hardcore IPA


To be honest I’m really disappointed by all these beers. Of the three I enjoyed 5 A.M. Saint the most.

The notes are from the first time I tried these beers (some months back) and not much have changed since then (I opened the other bottles I had of these beers while writing this review). Oh well, it’s the first batch from the new brewery, and things will hopefully get better.


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