Beer review: Nøgne Ø Python Pilsner

Today I’m trying a pilsner from Nøgne Ø. Not an average Norwegian pilsner (phew), but an Imperial Pilsner brewed with a Champagne yeast strain, with an ABV of 9%.

Nøgne Ø Python PilsnerLooks

Clear dark yellow color with a white fizzy head. There is a good amount of yeast left in the bottle, so pour carefully if you want the beer to stay clear.

The yeast has a good amount of flavor in itself, and personally I like to include at least some of it.


I’m getting some fruity hints up front with some sweet honey-like aromas in the back. There are hints of green apples and citrus fruits present, and some yeasty notes.


The flavor has much of the same as the aroma. I’m getting citrus, yeast and wheat as well.

The mouth feel is smooth and the carbonation is lively, but not too sharp. The carbonation fits the beer perfectly.


Long and somewhat warming finish. There are hints of alcohol, apples and citrus fruits.


I really enjoyed this beer. It felt really refreshing and balanced. Not really a pilsner, but a really good and refreshing beer nonetheless. On a warm summer day this beer can get quite scary as the ABV of 9% does not really show too much. Score: 4.2/5.

Nøgne Ø Python Pilsner

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