Beer review: Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon 4th edition

Time for a special treat! Some weeks back Nøgne Ø launched the 4th edition of their Dark Horizon. I managed to score a few bottles, and thought it was about time to open one of them.

This beer has been added muscovado sugar for some nice fruity aromas, and has been brewed with coffee. With an ABV of 16% I’m about to open a beer that I will be enjoying for a good while!

Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon 4th editionLooks

Dark brown pour with a small light brown head. Once in the glass it looks pitch black.


Intense aroma with a good amount of sweetness and coffee. There is also a good amount of fruity aromas coming through.

As the beer warms up a bit I’m getting some lovely chocolate notes and some hints of alcohol.


The flavor is also very intense. I’m getting coffee, alcohol, something which reminds me of blackcurrant, and dark chocolate. There are also hints of liquorice and some caramel.

The body is silky smooth with a medium level of carbonation.


The finish lasts a good while and includes a good warming sensation without too much boozy notes. Coffee and chocolate is also present in the finish.


What an amazing beer! Incredibly complex and smooth. As the 3rd Edition it’s quite sweet, and I’m looking forward to trying it again some time next year! Score: 4.7/5.

As I’m writing this there are still some bottles left at some Vinmonopolet stores. Go grab a few, and make sure to stash one or two of them in your cellar!

As an added bonus this beer was my 1000th unique checkin on Untappd.

Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon 4th edition

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