Beer review: Ægir Natt Imperial Porter

Time for a Norwegian beer that I haven’t had in while, Ægir Natt Imperial Porter. This beer is also available as Ægir Lynchburg Natt, which is the regular Natt (the one I’m reviewing now) aged in ex-Jack Daniels barrels. I reviewed Lynchburg Natt back in March 2012, and gave it a 5 out of 5.

The regular natt is an Imperial Porter with a whopping 10% ABV (the same as Lynchburg Natt). Let’s pop it open!

Ægir Natt Imperial PorterLooks

Dark brown pour with a thick beige head.


A lovely malty aroma with hints of coffee, liquorice, soy, very light roasted hints and some dark fruit.


The flavor matches the aroma spot on, and has some chocolate-like flavors as well. A well balanced and really tasty “porter”. It reminds me more of an imperial stout really, but good none the less.

The mouth feel is full and the carbonation is soft and comfortable.


Pretty long finish with hints of dark chocolate, dark fruits and some hints of coffee.


A beer that I don’t enjoy too often, but every time I drink it I can’t stop thinking “Why on earth don’t I buy more of this beer?!”. Score: 4.7/5.

This beer is available at Vinmonopolet.

Ægir Natt Imperial Porter

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