Beer review: Hansa Spesial IPA

Let’s go big! Not big as in alcohol, not big as in size (of the beer), but big as in a beer brewed by a macro brewery. I’m about to try Hansa’s IPA for the first time. Hansa Spesial IPA is an IPA with an ABV of 4.6%, and comes in a nice looking 50cl can.

Hansa Borg Bryggerier is the largest nationally owned brewery in Norway (Ringnes is bigger, production wise, but they are owned by Carlsberg). I can’t wait any longer, let’s pop this thing open!

Hansa IPALooks

Lovely deep golden color with a large white head. The beer is crystal clear, which tells me that this beer is filtered (which I was expecting).


Surprising amount of tropical fruits in the aroma. I’m picking up grape, lemon and pineapple. There is also a sweet malty backbone.


The flavor has more malts than hops, but I am picking up some of the same hints that was present in the aroma. Orange zest is for me the dominant flavor. Style-wise it’s located somewhere between a classic British IPA like Fuller’s IPA for instance, and a hoppy American IPA.

The body is medium and the carbonation level is medium. The carbonation is slightly sharp as well, which works well with the profile of this beer.


The finish is incredibly short lived. There are some slight bitter notes present, but sadly they disappear too fast.


I’m pleasantly surprised by this beer. It’s fresh and has a nice hoppy touch to it. A really good alternative when it comes to lower alcohol beers. Score: 3.3/5.

This beer should be available in most grocery stores nation wide by now.

Hansa IPA

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3 Responses to Beer review: Hansa Spesial IPA

  1. Høyt Skum says:

    Good to see that it feels like an IPA, even if it`s macro brewed. Have been looking for it but not seen it yet, tried their Waldemars IPA which was delightful so I`m excited to get my hands on this as well.

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