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Previously I have only written my thoughts about different beers in some small red books I carry around, and some notes about beers on my flickr account. With this blog I hope to change that. I will publish reviews and news about Norwegian beer (and once in a while some foreign beers as well).

The main inspiration for starting this blog is one of the absolute best beer blogs out there: BeerSweden.se

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  1. Beer-naise says:


    Found your blogg in the BeerSweden forum. Interesting to read about the beerscene in Norway and i will keep on reading BeerNorway, i even added you to my bloggroller on my blogg. Cheers!

  2. Hey! Bra blogg, og her har jeg allerede konkludert med at det bare er å adde bloggen din til “leser”-listen, og følge med fremover! Sjekk også ut skumringbloggen.com.

    – Skumringen

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