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Belgian beer review bonanza

A little while back I got a beer mail from the nice folks over at Belgianbeerz.com with some lovely Belgian beers. I was thinking of doing separate posts for each beer but as I started reviewing them I though I … Continue reading

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Beer review: Hansa Spesial IPA

Let’s go big! Not big as in alcohol, not big as in size (of the beer), but big as in a beer brewed by a macro brewery. I’m about to try Hansa’s IPA for the first time. Hansa Spesial IPA … Continue reading

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Beer review: Nøisom Cascadian APA

Time for a new local beer! Nøisom Cascadian APA is a low alcohol American Pale Ale with an ABV of 4.7%. Nøisom is a rather new microbrewery located in the town where I live. This beer can be bought in … Continue reading

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Beer dinner at Cafe Christiania in Oslo

Some weeks back I got a rather interesting message on twitter from Therese Bergerud asking me if I wanted to try out a beer-with-and-in-food concept at Cafe Christiania in Oslo together with some other beer bloggers (Kjempetorsken, Høyt Skum and … Continue reading

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Results from the second BeerNorway tasting

A couple of weeks ago I held the second BeerNorway beer tasting, where we enjoyed 24 different beers. The participants rated each beer, and the scores will be presented in this post. Like the first time the scores go from … Continue reading

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The first ever official BeerNorway beer tasting – The aftermath

The previous Saturday I held the first ever official BeerNorway tasting in BeerNorways HQ (read: my house). We were pretty lucky with the awesome weather we had, so we were able to enjoy most of the beer out in the … Continue reading

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Cherry panna cotta and Kriek

I am a big fan of matching food/desserts with beer. My girlfriend loves panna cotta, and we both love Kriek, so I thought why not tweak my panna cotta recipe a bit so that it matches Kriek? I’ll provide you … Continue reading

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